Trailer Reaction: Tenet

“We all believe we’d run into the burning building. But, until we feel that heat… we can never know.” Christopher Nolan.. The director of my personal favorite film,The Dark Knight, and the gateway into modern movie presentation, Inception, has put forth what seems to be another present day tipping point. As the trailer opens, we […]

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TV Review: The Mandalorian, Ep. 6, “The Prisoner” [Spoilers]

**Disclaimer: From this point forward, all my reviews will contain spoilers. I’ve tried doing “non-spoiler” reviews and covering what actually happens during the production is almost impossible. Plus, these are more fun to write.. and, probably, read. Happy nerding!** The Mandalorian. In theory, this production represents the main thing I disdain about modern media sensibilities—the […]

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Character Profile: The Batman

Bruce Wayne aka The Batman. The Dark Knight. The World’s Greatest Detective. All these names are appropriate for who has to be the coolest character in comic books. Batman is my favorite character. The costume, the “only come out at night” personality, the swoleness–all of it is dope. I’m going to take a look into […]

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The Beginning

Comic books. Where do I even begin? I was seven years old when I first held a comic book. It was Batman #497, Knightfall #11–the issue where Bane breaks Batman’s back. Looking back, this was a somewhat morbid comic for a grandmother to get her grandson, but the formula worked–I was hooked. Fast forward to […]

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