Trailer Reaction: Black Widow

I know I’m a little late on this trailer reaction.. but let’s get it poppin’. I have a lot of different feelings about this film. My main issue is that the studio waited until after my girl Scarlett died (in-universe) before releasing this film. As dope as this trailer looks, going to see a film […]

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Trailer Reaction: Morbius

Here we go. I now consider this the moment in history where the “comic book universe” of movies has officially started. With the recent trailers of Black Widow and New Mutants, the slate of films announced for Phase 4, and the slew of Disney+ properties, comic book films (I mean Marvel, specifically) have reached a […]

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Trailer Reaction: Tenet

“We all believe we’d run into the burning building. But, until we feel that heat… we can never know.” Christopher Nolan.. The director of my personal favorite film,The Dark Knight, and the gateway into modern movie presentation, Inception, has put forth what seems to be another present day tipping point. As the trailer opens, we […]

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