Comic Review: Thor, #2, Donny Cates, Nic Klein

The saga continues

Thor #2 picks up right on the heels of the exceedingly epic Thor #1. Galactus and Thor have officially “teamed up,” they’re off to consume their first of 5 “unique” planets, and Thor is dripped out in his dope new costume. All is well aka all is legitimately chaotic.

*I’m not even going to remotely reveal to you the opening panels of this comic. Epic doesn’t even scratch the surface of what occurred. OMGGGGGGGGGGG*

The issue officially opens with Thor and Galactus ominously floating over the planet Clypse. Galactus is ready to drain it dry of energy—sentient life, and all—and Thor says “No” to this.. or, well, “Nay,” specifically. Thor then proceeds to make a mild threat toward Galactus, to which the planet eater responds by catapulting the Thunder King down to the surface of the planet. Thor, not even slightly deterred or repentant, then hurls Mjolnir at Galactus, blasting two digits off his remaining hand, in the process. Galactus, probably a bit perturbed, at this point, charges his eyes and mouth and delivers a gigantic energy blast toward the incensed god. The blast seems to not affect Thor, and, additionally, Odinson calls back Mjolnir, bringing it right through the knee joint of titanic Galactus! (Brutal.. but also dope.) Thor is in the middle delivering a boasting speech when a boulder strikes him in the back of the head. It’s not Galactus, but the residents of the planet Thor is trying to save who strike him with the rock. To the denizens of this world, they see only two mysterious, and obviously powerful, figures who seem to bring nothing but trouble. While Thor fights with the populous, Galactus disperses with the trivialities and initiates his planet absorption machine.

Thor sends his two “ravens” (inherited from Odin) to Sif (the new Heimdall) to tell her to engage the Bifrost. The ever-beautiful Rainbow Bridge touches the surface of Clypse and beams the citizens to Asgard. Galactus’ machine is now fully operational and he destroys/absorbs all the useful energy of the planet Clypse. Incidentally, Thor promised the people of Clypse he would restore them to their world after replenishing its energies, so when the planet explodes because of Galactus’ feeding process, Thor is a tad upset.

Galactus glows with terrifying white and red energy, his suit turns all black, and all his missing appendages return. He is clearly back at full strength.. or, at least, off hobbling status. He charges a beam from his glove, directly aimed at Thor, when an interruption probably saves Thor’s life. A barrage of cannon fire collides with Galactus and actually makes him flinch. Who emerges, but Beta Ray Bill, saying he needs to “speak” with Galactus.

Marvel, keep at it.

Comic grade: A+

—The Cavalier Nerd

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