Trailer Reaction: The Fast Saga (Fast & Furious 9)

Inexplicably dope

“I used to live my life one quarter-mile at a time..” [aka I still do]

—Dominic Toretto, The Fast Saga

This is getting more into the “cavalier” side of The Cavalier Nerd, but this trailer still warrants a review, regardless.

To say the Fast & Furious franchise is one of Hollywood’s greatest oddities is an extreme understatement. It started as a humble and grounded (..ish) movie about street racers and the law enforcement (Paul Walker’s Bryan O’Conner [RIP]) tasked to stop them. The big reveal in number 1 was O’Conner turning sides to join Vin Diesel’s now-emblematic Dominic Toretto as an anti-hero/contract mission performer. From that moment the series spiraled into the territories of the fantastical and grandiose, as each entry in the franchise introduced bigger scenarios, higher stakes, and (clearly) increasing budgets. Saying these films are still about car racing is like saying Avengers: Endgame was about defending New York.

Fast & Furious 9 continues this ideology with shameless bravado. From the moment you see a man (presumably) catching a car while standing on top of another car, you know you’re very far from Kansas and unassuming street racing. Each scene of the trailer views like a futuristic idea of cars and their relation to humans. There’s one-part Terminator, one-part MCU (yes, I mean that), one-part Mission: Impossible, and all the rest, The Twilight Zone. These films are easily as unusual as they are entertaining. Laws of physics are picked like pencils out of a box of Prismacolors. When you see a vehicle moving on a non-connected bridge floating in mid-air.. you know you’ve entered a singular genre in how reality is presented.

The trailer, itself, looks dope. The man catching the car, the continued creative use of grappling hooks in this series, the jet picking up the car, the car with the jet engine strapped to its hood—this trailer has all the elements. It also continues it’s (at this point, somewhat comedically juxtaposed) emphasis on family. A new family member even shows up for Dom (which they indescribably spoiled in the trailer), and a previously dead cast member returns for the action (oh, I forgot one part Days of Our Lives).

I will, without question, see this film Day 1 of its release. I’ve seen every one (except Tokyo Drift.. y’all gotta let me live on that one), and I can legitimately say I’ve enjoyed each and every one, so far. I’ll miss both Harbs (you’ve gotta watch the film to understand) and Shaw, but I’m sure this film will be a powerful entry, no matter what.

Keep living a quarter-mile at a time, and always fasten your safety belt (espcially when flying over landmark-level ravines).

Trailer grade: A

—The Cavalier Nerd

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