Collab Review w/ Amanja Reads: Thanos Quest & Infinity Gauntlet

Everything’s better with a friend, right? Amanja of Amanja Reads Too Much and I—The Cavalier Nerd—have done a joint review of Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet. These two stories combine to make one of the most iconic and pivotal stories in all of Marvel history. They’re what the overwhelmingly famous films Infinity War and Endgame are based on!

So, without further adieu.. let’s get into the review ^_^

infinity gauntlet cover
All-time classic

The Cavalier Nerd: Overall, what did you think of the story?

Amanja: I thought it was interesting. Basically, it takes a simple “guy-trying-way-too-hard-to-impress-a-lady” plot and blows it up to god-level stakes. The actual premise is pretty simple so I think it makes it easier to follow when they start doing a character dump and all the action.

TCN: That makes sense.. what did you think of Thanos, as a character?

Amanja: I liked him more in Thanos Quest than Infinity Gauntlet. In Thanos Quest, he was a man on a mission, and he achieved it with some really strong tactics. He knew his opponents and played everyone perfectly. In Infinity Gauntlet, he became a little too “nice guy,” for my liking. He didn’t seem to have a back-up plan, and Mistress Death still wasn’t feeling it so he just kind of threw a tantrum. But, I do like that at the end he realizes that maybe ultimate power can be a burden.

TCN: I see what you’re saying. I liked how they emphasized his intellect in Thanos Quest. He was literally outsmarting god-like characters. And, this is on top of his overwhelming strength. Switching gears, a bit, what did you think of the art?

Amanja: Exactly, it was more than just brute force or luck that got him the gems. It was pretty 90’s, which makes sense, obviously. But my favorite thing about it was the twinkle that’s drawn in Thanos’ eyes all the time! There are just some stark differences in how colors work from then till now. Like the blacks are sometimes blues and there will just be white spaces instead of more complicated shading. It dates it, but I don’t think it’s bad.

TCN: That twinkle they drew in his eyes literally had me cracking up throughout the comic! 90’s comics just had different level of entertainment. I believe one of the artist’s worked on Teen Titans/Crisis on Infinite Earths, so reading the comic brought up all sorts of late 80’s/90’s nostalgia. What differences from the films did you notice? Did you like them, and if so, why?

Amanja: The main thing was the entirety of Nebula’s character. It was so brutal how she was put into that zombie state to try and please Death, but awesome how she fought it to take the gauntlet from Thanos. I think it made sense that Thanos had to weaken himself in a way before anyone could take it—he was just way too powerful for any opponent otherwise. There was also just a huge difference in who the cast of players is. I preferred the movies over the comic, in that aspect, just because I’m a lot more familiar with the standard Avengers than I am with the celestial deities and Adam Warlock. One thing that I was happy to see was the same as the movies was Thanos living on his cute little farm at the end!

TCN: I agree—they pulled that straight from the comic! I think they did a great job with the film adaptation, as well. Any other special notes/thoughts you’d like to share about the book?

Amanja: Honestly, I think it was overall really well crafted and succinct. I could come in to it without a lot of background knowledge and be able to follow it. Today, events get so complicated that you have to follow 30 books and know an entire back history of them all to get what’s going on. I liked that this one could be read in a week and still felt epic.

TCN: Very true!

I hope you enjoyed our review of Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet! Actually talking about comics in a group was one of the best parts about reading comics as a kid. Why not recreate that excitement, in the present?

Comic grade: A+

Amanja Reads

The Cavalier Nerd

4 thoughts on “Collab Review w/ Amanja Reads: Thanos Quest & Infinity Gauntlet

  1. I already left this same comment on Amanja’s site, but I’ll repeat it here for effect, LOL. I loved Infinity Gauntlet when it first came out (though I missed Thanos Quest); it gave Thanos some depth that he maybe hadn’t had in his earlier appearances. I particularly like Adam Warlock’s suggestion that the reason Thanos keeps gaining omnipotence and then losing it (as he did in the 70s against Captain Marvel and the Avengers) was because some part of him knew he didn’t deserve that kind of power. I’ve always loved George Perez’s art; he’s great at depicting scenes with dozens of characters. I wish he could’ve done all the issues.

    As for Nebula, I like the movie version of her better; she’s kinda crazy, but she ends up being a hero … and I like the antagonistic relationship between her and Gamora.

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    1. Thanos Quest definitely increases the impact of Infinity Gauntlet—it gives a first-hand account of how he got the stones, and the power he has, naturally, that enabled him to obtain them all.

      Overall, I like the movie version of Nebula better, as well. She serves a much more pivotal role in the comic, but I like how Endgame made the plot hinge more on her (emulating the actual comic). I think the movies did an overall great job, especially considering Adam Warlock is not included (and he’s the central figure, in the comics).


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