Trailer Reaction: Black Widow

Back in black.. and, also, white

I know I’m a little late on this trailer reaction.. but let’s get it poppin’.

I have a lot of different feelings about this film. My main issue is that the studio waited until after my girl Scarlett died (in-universe) before releasing this film. As dope as this trailer looks, going to see a film about a deceased character reduces the excitement, a bit. Also, as you’ll read from one of my Mandalorian reviews, one of my biggest beefs with today’s media properties is the idea of the “mid-quel.” This means creating a production that happens between any two entries in a franchise, with the understanding that people will go see it simply based off their pre-established commitment. Studios have, and will, put practically anything in these gaps with the knowledge that fans will still, undeterred, rush to theaters.

Now, onto the trailer, itself. As I mentioned in my Morbius trailer reaction, we are now entering the part of the comic book film era where the films are legitimately forming a universe. What this means is no individual person is expected to keep up with everything—that’s one of the major elements of actual comic book reading. This movie appears to introduce many characters and story lines, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to attempt to hold the viewers hand.. too much.

The plot seems to take Natasha back to Russia. Here, she re-unites with her mother, her sister—a blonde Black Widow (as comic book readers will know)—and her father, Red Guardian. All these characters aren’t necessarily related in the comics, but the movie makes them a family. I actually like this touch. It changes up the mythos just a bit and makes it neater than the comics.

The trailer also reveals Taskmaster. His film debut has been long-anticipated by the fandom. I’m excited to see another character that is nowhere near the A-list (in the comics) getting his time to shine. These types of nods give the films a different feel than the books, but they achieve the same level of intrigue. The fact that Marvel also gives the same level of polish to all it’s movie characters, no matter what their standing is in the comics (read: the wonder that is Guardians of the Galaxy), means the end-product will always be elite-tier production, and it’s one of the non-replicable elements that makes these MCU films what they are.

I’m going to see this film, albeit somewhat begrudgingly. Unless they pull some multiverse magi, Scarlett Johansson is gone in the MCU, for good. I wish the film had been released before Endgame, but the road to this movie’s release is actually a story, in itself.

I look forward to seeing Scarlett Johansson beat the daylights out of bad guys one last time (presumably) on the silver screen. Next stop.. Eternals.

Trailer grade: B+

—The Cavalier Nerd

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