Trailer Reaction: Morbius

The Vampire Rises

Here we go.

I now consider this the moment in history where the “comic book universe” of movies has officially started. With the recent trailers of Black Widow and New Mutants, the slate of films announced for Phase 4, and the slew of Disney+ properties, comic book films (I mean Marvel, specifically) have reached a point where any one individual is not expected to keep up with everything. This is a hallmark of actual comic book reading. From here, the releases are only going to speed up, and hearing about something after it comes out—or through a friend—may be not only possible, but the reality.

On to the trailer, itself. This movie actually looks pretty good. It follows the story of Jared Leto’s (more on that in a second) Dr. Michael Morbius aka Morbius. This vampiric villain is a hallmark of the 90’s Saturday morning Spider-Man cartoon and a long-standing Marvel character. The trailer actually remains extremely faithful to the source material. Dr. Morbius was born with a rare blood disorder. In his adult life, he attempts to cure it, but his efforts transform him into the vampire-like creature, Morbius. He no longer has the condition, but he now thirsts for human blood and has a strong aversion to light. These considerable drawbacks come with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and a number of other vampire-inspired abilities.

The movie appears to follow his descent into madness after acquiring his new abilities. He eventually becomes a full-on villain. A cameo at the end of the trailer reveals he has truly crossed over to the evil-doer side.

Before I move on, I must make a special note of Jared Leto playing this role. This is almost incomprehensible. I’m happy for Leto, but this is a true sign of the times we live in. He was pretty much kicked out of the DC “Universe” and went through a not-too-private upset-ness upon the announcement of the production of Joker. His presence was kept alive through the existence of the internet, and within 4 years of the release of Suicide Squad, this man is playing the leading role in another comic book film. The lines of media, the internet, entertainment, and reality have become increasingly blurred and interchangeable.

Next, just think about the road Sony took to get to this point. All the way from Tobey Maguire to a film that’s literally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.. that doesn’t directly star Spider-Man. Sony fought tooth-and-nail to “do it’s own thing” with the Spider-Man franchise. Now, after the success of two Spider-Man films, one Spider-Man animated film, the unexpected success of Venom, and an (again) not-too-private 2019 sparring match between Disney and Sony over the rights to Spider-Man.. a Sony film is now in the MCU. Am I in the multiverse? It won’t be in the next 10 years, or so, but one day people aren’t going to be able to tell the difference between what’s happening on any screen and what’s actually going on in the outside world. Maybe there won’t be a difference. See y’all in the future.. aka now.

I believe I’ll actually go to see this film. I specifically avoid any movies with even a hint of horror, but this looks pretty good. Jared Leto looks plucked straight out of a 30 Seconds to Mars video—complete with flowing locks—so I feel like he’s in his element. All the lines are truly blending together. Sony and Fox are officially on board, and word on the street is Universal is even finally playing nice. This means Marvel-produced Hulk films are also (finally) on the way.

What a strange—and also incredibly dope—time we live in.

Trailer grade: B

—The Cavalier Nerd

7 thoughts on “Trailer Reaction: Morbius

  1. I gotta see this when it’s out. I didn’t even know about this trailer. The character sounds appealing to me, it’s the first I’ve heard of him.
    Btw, have you ever listened to the For All Nerds Show podcast? You might like it. It’s very entertaining and they mostly talk about news related to comics and TV shows/movies based on comics. It’s been a while since I’ve listened but that was the content when I last did.

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