Current Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV

Square up.

As I stated in “The Beginning,” the heart and soul of this blog is comic books. That will always be. However, my blog will cover all avenues of nerd culture, and video games are definitely in that arena. I’ve been playing video games for a long time. There are bigger “gamers,” but I’m definitely familiar with a console controller.. or, in this case, keyboard. I’m currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, and I can see why this game has been so long-running and only seems to be picking up steam.

Classic Final Fantasy

The first thing to start with is the graphics. I originally played this game on PS4 back in 2016, and while the graphics were good, the PC version is where it’s at. The designers clearly paid the highest attention to detail and presentation, and it shows. Knowing the creators put so much work into the game only makes it more fun to play. The Final Fantasy series is known for pushing the current state of video game graphics, and this entry is no exception.

The whole gang

Second is the story. Anyone familiar with Final Fantasy knows the player is typically dealing with a high stakes scenario where the fate of the world is literally on the line. Trying to save the planet from being blown up or the time stream from collapsing are typical affairs in a FF plot line. This game falls right in line. In a twist that I don’t want to give away, the player must save the world from a group of beasts whose very existence threatens to destroy your lovely realm. The player gradually advances and gains strength as they fulfill their destiny as the “chosen one”–the only one who can actually save the realm. Strap in.


Also worth mentioning is that this is my first MMO. I’m definitely a fan. Some of the quests can become arduous, but aside from that.. this may be one of my favorite games of the last five years. I’m currently a level 50 Black Mage in Realm Reborn (insert nerd glasses, immediately). The game is fun from the beginning, but as you truly advance and start feeling strong, the experience takes on another dimension of enjoyment. When you can walk around one-shotting enemies with full knowledge of what it took to gain a particular skill, get ready to start having some real fun.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a game, anyone who enjoys MMOs, anyone who enjoys Final Fantasy, or someone that was on the fence about this game but not sure about giving it a try. As soon as you see the opening cut scene, you’ll probably be hooked. Thank me later.

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–The Cavalier Nerd

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