Trailer Reaction: Wonder Woman 1984

The Olympian Legend

“Nothing good is born from lies, and greatness is not what you think.”

Tell ’em, WW.

Overall, the trailer looks good. I’m a fan of the first movie. It had a great balance of story and action and left me satisfied, as a movie-goer. The only hitch was the disarmingly obvious green screen at the end of the film (during the final fight) with Gal Gadot doing her best Farrah Fawcet-hair impression. Other than that, it was solid.

This trailer picks up over a half-century where the last movie left off. It seems Wonder Woman is in the year 1984 (which creeps me out, to be honest) ready to save the world, yet again. I’m assuming she’ll come out victorious, and this movie will advance the DC storyline further toward the events of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and.. Justice League.

A few more characters have been thrown into the mix. Several article titles have let me know that the male suited character is noted diabolical DC villain Maxwell Lord. In Infinite Crisis, Wonder Woman famously snapped Lord’s neck in order to permanently free Superman of the bad guy’s control. I doubt that will make it into the film, but seeing one of Wonder Woman’s actual enemies on screen is an appreciated nod to comic book fans.

I believe Kristen Wiig’s character will be perennial Wonder Woman-foil, Cheetah. The way she’s walking around points to a larger role within the film. This may be truly interesting, as Cheetah is a character who can legitimately go toe-to-toe with the Star Spangled Amazon (for some reason). I can bet the fight(s) between them will be the highlight(s) of the film.

Finally, my man Steve Trevor is back in action. I’m not sure how he’s back in action, but after his unsettlingly unnecessary death in Wonder Woman, I’m glad he’s getting another shot in the land of the living. Chris Pine’s levity and comedic timing were some of the best parts of the first film. Someone else must have realized this, which may be why he’s carrying leading actor duties for the sequel.

I see a positive future for Wonder Woman. Her movies have been the standout element for the DCEU, so far. That being said, I’m a bit over current movies placing their settings 20-30 years in the past in order to seem “cool” or bank on nostalgia. I’m also a bit over prequels, mid-quels (my personal #1 disdain), and any other “quels” that aren’t in the present day. Now/forward, please. At any rate, this movie looks legit, and I look forward to seeing Wonder Woman beat the holy hell out of another group of unsuspecting bad guys.

And they put her in the Olympian gold suit? Yeah, this will be straight.

Trailer Grade: B-

–The Cavalier Nerd

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