Character Profile: The Batman

The Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne aka The Batman. The Dark Knight. The World’s Greatest Detective. All these names are appropriate for who has to be the coolest character in comic books. Batman is my favorite character. The costume, the “only come out at night” personality, the swoleness–all of it is dope. I’m going to take a look into The Caped Crusader and what makes him such a powerful and popular character.

Wrecking shop, as per usual

The main thing about Batman is his ability in combat, in my opinion. This makes him stand out as a character. This is what makes Batman comics so enthralling to read. The reader generally has zero idea what’s going to happen next in the comic. Equally, seeing the villains’ reactions as they witness disturbingly unpredictable tactics is a real treat. The moment that convinced me was in “The Dark Knight Returns” when Batman burst through a wall behind a foe to apprehend the bad guy. I read this when I was 16, and my face–and body–was in shock as I held that paper comic. “What on Earth am I reading?….” I thought. I had been reading comics all my life–I had been reading Batman all my life–but I was hooked, all over again. Batman’s combat ability is completely unparalleled in the realm of comics.

Legit posted

Another thing is that Batman is just cool. I hate to say it, but that is a key element of his character, his persona, and what makes him so enjoyable to audiences. He’s a legitimate billionaire, handsome, exceedingly intelligent, socially masterful, swole (as I mentioned earlier), the list goes on and on. And that’s all outside of the costume. As Batman you can go ahead an raise all that the 100th power. As Amanda Waller said in Return of the Joker, “I saw the other Justice League members around him, and none were his equal.” No kidding, Ms. Waller. Batman was born cool, remains cool, and will be cool until the day he dies.. then DC will bring him back, and he will still be cool. Batman’s persona is a huge factor in why the character is so popular.

“Let’s get it, Supes.”

Finally, the fact that Batman is a “non-powered” human who consistently defeats–and humiliates–super-beings (ahem, SUPERMAN) adds the ultimate level of cache to his character perception. (I say “non-powered” loosely because going against Batman is a half-step below going up against some superhumans.. and far, far worse than facing many of them.) He makes the reader feel good about being a mortal being. Batman becomes inspirational, in that manner. However, the work Bruce Wayne put in to become Batman, as well as his astronomical natural-born talents, elevate him from inspirational to an almost reverent figure. He walks the line between man and possibly something more–which is why he has a firm spot on the diety-filled Justice League.

“Try me.”

Batman is without question my favorite character in all of comics. His abilities, his presentation, his countless victories–they all play into why he’s at the top of my pantheon. I hope this post inspires a few people out there to take a dive into a couple Batman comics. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Happy reading!

–The Cavalier Nerd

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